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29 July 2009 @ 01:41 pm
Fic: Desperation  

Title: Desperation
Author: Lightindark7
Timeline: Post BO Pre BO2
Warnings: Violence, Sex.
Genre: PWP
Disclaimer: Do not own. Did not ask permission. No money being made.
Prompt: Kain/Marcus, fight!sex, he is not satisfied unless blood is spilt.




Disclaimer: Legacy of Kain belongs to Edios and Crystal dynamics, they are not me. I am making £0.00 out of this fic, it is written purely because I have a burning need to create.


Rating: M


Part: One of One


Set: Post Blood Omen, Pre Blood Omen 2.


Authoress note: Prompt: Kain/Marcus, fight!sex, he is not satisfied unless blood is spilt.


For all my reviewers, who without I would have surely given up a long time ago.






A pair of fighting-entwined bodies shifted violently; a hand flew out to the side and knocked against a table. The table fell and several small items clattered to the floor, at the nearly the same instant as the table fell, one of the fighters was was beaten, pinned by his attacker.


There are two ways a fight between a couple of hormone-laden men could turn, when it was culminated by a trip to the doctor or the morgue or, when it was culminated by vulgar, aggression-laden sex.


The victor flashed his teeth, hungry for his impending reward for pinning his opponent. The thought coiled like a serpent of lust around his entire body; absently he reached down and stroked his fingers across the defeated vampire’s cheek, he dipped a clawed finger to trace along the other’s jaw, the pinned vampire growled but moved into the caress, yearning for the attentions of one stronger than himself, one who’s power he could steal.


The sharp tip of a claw settled just beneath vanquished ones chin, meeting the victor’s unwavering eyes with his the defeated still did not flinch, not even when his attacker applied enough pressure to slice into smooth flesh, marking the previously flawless skin. The vanquished remained perfectly still but allowed a smirk to mar his features when the others pupils dilated at the blood.


After all neither was satisfied until blood was spilt


The victor for all his magical and physical strength did have his weaknesses. Weaknesses that defeated knew he could exploit. After all he was exploiting one of them right now, satisfying the stronger vampires hungers in order to give himself access to his power.


A clawed hand slid down the bleeding throat, before wrapping tight, as the victor leaned down and lapped against the thin line of spilled blood on the soft underside of the weaker vampires chin. The blood was delectable, but thin. The flavour of blood spilled in anger never failed to arouse the victor utterly and the defeated knew that. He arched under the other vampire, knowing the action would please and reached down, his eyes never leaving the one above him. Who in turn smirked at him before shivering ever so slightly and allowing his eyes to drop briefly to the pale hand relentlessly stroking him through his trousers, fuelling his appetite, dangerously.


With little thought fang was sunk into vein and a growl was the reward. The defeated really did arch this time feeling the pain of the bite. The weaker of the two writhed beneath the stronger and twisted, struggling to get trousers off, or at least away enough to continue this. Eventually he managed to free himself from his clothing and force the victors’ trousers down enough. With another growl he wrapped his legs around the other’s waist and waited.

The victor grinned and moved to enter his opponent, a preamble of preparation unnecessary in his opinion. Deepening his bite, he wrapped a clawed hand around the man's cock and thrust forward, obscenely hard, into the barely yielding body. The vanquished groaned in obvious pain and delight, tossing his head back. A litany of vocalizations wrenched from the weaker vampire’s throat, each one more strained than the next.


Deepening the bite the victor moved to snap his hips harder, faster and force himself so deep that a mortal would have been seriously injured if not killed by his brutality. But vampires were made of tougher stuff. The defeated opened his mouth in a scream, but fucked himself harder against his opponent, meeting the elder vampire, thrust for thrust. His entire body undulated against the merciless onslaught, determined not to be outdone. As though the fight had not ended, as if this were just a different kind of fight.


And so it was.

Kain swallowed Marcus’ scream as he came so hard that he tore into Marcus’ lip. He was somewhat startled when Marcus’ tongue stroked along his, quickly followed by bloodied lips that suckled his tongue, pulling it hard into his mouth.


He couldn’t help a small chuckle as he pulled back from his defeated opponent.


“Maybe next time?” he laughed.


End ficlet


Authoress note: It’s 3:41am when I finish writing this. It’s been years since I have stayed up this late with my laptop. I’m turning back into a college student!


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Chalcychalcedonyblue on July 30th, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
This is nice. :) Marcus=<3
Katelightindark7 on July 30th, 2009 11:52 am (UTC)
Yay, thanks ^_^