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13 July 2009 @ 09:25 pm
First post here in a long while. Enjoy!!

Title; Rain
Rating; MA
Pairing: Kain/Raziel
Summary: It Rains ... enough said




Disclaimer: Legacy of Kain belongs to Edios and Crystal dynamics, they are not me. I am making £0.00 out of this fic, it is written purely because I have a burning need to create.


Rating: MA


Part: One of Two


Set: Post Blood Omen, Pre Soul Reaver.


Authoress note: Prompt: Kain/Raziel, blanket fic cliché taken down an alternate route - well, it's not as if they have any choice but to seek shelter from the rain.


For all my reviewers, who without I would have surely given up a long time ago.







He had made a mistake.


Another one to add to what he thought was his almost unending list of mistakes. This was another mistake that he had made concerning his eldest. Poor Raziel seemed to be the butt of a number of his mistakes or at least that was how Kain saw it. This particular mistake had begun when Raziel had fallen to the change once again and once again he had ‘accidently’ succumb to the venerable state in the sanctuary. Kain strongly suspected that this was no accident, but rather that his eldest feared the change still, despite surviving it once already and rather than face that fear alone he had come to his father.


Although neither of them would admit that that was the situation. Kain would admit, only to himself, that he was pleased that Raziel felt safe close to him. It was a strange pleasure, different to the kinds he was more familiar with; a strange warmth, soft and somewhat pleasant. That he could be the cause of a feeling of security rather than a feeling of fear.


Raziel had slept for a month and three days before finally opening his eyes. Eyes turned ruby red by the length of his sleep and lack of sustenance during it. Kain had risen from the chair he had been occupying and had moved across the room to his child, bringing with him a decanter filled with blood as well as his own veins. Raziel had drained the decanter in moments and half mad from the starvation and exhilaration of the change had launched himself at his father. Kain had been expecting the move and had simply caught his child, guiding ravenous teeth to his shoulder, to the bend where throat joined shoulder, where a vein ran close to the surface. He had been the victim of one of Raziel’s unplanned bites before and had discovered that his eldest had no skill at automatically finding a vein. The previous unplanned bite had been painful and had had to be made numerous times until Raziel had found a vein that would bleed fast enough for him.


So this time Kain helped his child find what he wanted. Raziel fed and grew less uncontrolled with each mouthful until he was able to pull himself back with a great deal of effort.


“Father.” Raziel managed his voice rough with lack of use and filled with the undertones of hunger still, despite the meal he had just had. The fledgling’s hands were shaking with the effort he was using to prevent himself launching himself at his father. He had already taken a great deal, if he took more it would doubtless anger Kain, but even if he allowed it, feeding deeply would weaken his father and prevent any other activity that may be engaged after his thirst had been sated.


“I know.” Kain nodded, almost as if he knew what his child was thinking. “Come.” He stood unsure if what he was going to do was wise. He wanted to take Raziel outside to hunt. There were still humans who wandered the forest hunting their own prey and one of them would calm Raziel more and help his strength return. However a small voice was nagging him, the rainy seasons were due to begin very soon and he did not want to be caught out in them.


But as usual he ignored the little voice and took his fledgling hunting. It was exhilarating running once again when he had stayed close to his sleeping fledgling for so long. Raziel moved stiffly and awkwardly at first, his legs not used to the movement after so long being still but he soon managed to keep pace and the two moved faster. They were moving without speaking towards one of the few remaining hamlets that existed outside of the citadel. The sky rumbling ominously above them. They paused together when movement was spotted a little way off and sharing a look began to move towards the prey.

It was then that it started to rain.


End of chapter One


Authoress note: Normally this would have been a one off but I’m not happy with it at all and as a result I thought I had better quit while ahead, so I will bring this to a conclusion in a second chapter.


Please Review.




The rain started to fall in a fine mist.


Difficult to see, light and almost not there; but still it was enough to slowly soak those foolish enough to venture outside. Kain did not particularly want to seek shelter just yet, the rain was after all not deadly to him, but it would damage his fledgling. Mentally the older vampire was kicking himself, annoyed at his own carelessness. He should have been better prepared, better organised so that a hunt would not be necessary, but he had been negligent. It was a bad habit he was falling into lately, not thinking or focusing on the day-to-day needs and wants of himself and those around him but rather looking into the distant future which was both vague and unappealing.


The rainfall was increasing and he knew that if he did not do something soon then he and Raziel would both suffer for it. Raziel was useless at this time, to lost to his own bloodlust to even notice the rain. Kain sighed and tried to think, he could teleport them back to the sanctuary, but that solution would not fix the problem of his fledglings bloodlust. He knew he was more than able to feed Raziel from his own veins a few more times and not suffer much from the loss, but Raziel needed a good long feed of mortal blood to truly quench his thirst. They could however find a shelter and wait out the rain, for at the beginning of the rainy seasons the rain often fell in short sharp showers. Later as the season matured the showers would become days long and simply waiting them out in a cave or some such was not an option he would like to consider. But for the moment that option seemed best considering the circumstances.


“Come,” Raziel jerked in surprise at the sudden command from Kain. The blood hunger was running strongly through him, taking all of his focus. It took the younger vampire a moment but he managed to let go of his focus on the hunt and look to his father.


“Father?” he questioned


“Focus Raziel,” Kain growled “it is raining now,” Raziel looked about as if noticing for the first time that he was becoming increasingly damp and uncomfortable. “Come we are near caves, we can wait this out and resume when the rain abates.” Raziel looked crestfallen; Kain sighed and looked away “do not look so Raziel, we will feed you when this passes.”


“But ... I’m hungry.” Kain rolled his eyes.


“You sound like a spoiled new born.” He grumbled and without waiting made off deeper into the forest and closer to one of the caves he had found and remembered from his own youth hunting the circle.


Raziel grumbled despite the fact he was being sheltered by the canopy above them. Kain couldn’t help but smirk, Raziel was known as one of the most dangerous creatures in Nosgoth, second only to his father. If those who said such things could see him now, or knew how he behaved when alone with Kain –like a spoiled babe- they would consider revising the rumour. Even worse Kain thought would be for them to see how he pandered to his eldest; no doubt his own reputation would have to be revised.


“I’m hungry.” Raziel stated again for the thirty second time as they found a dry cave. His voice was rough again, a dull gravely note had crept in since his early feed from his father and it only grew more pronounced the longer he remained hungry.


“I am aware of the situation Raziel.” Kain answered “do not whine so, it’s unbecoming and the weather will improve but it will improve no quicker with you whining at it.” Raziel snorted detecting the irritation in his father’s voice but unable to stop himself he continued.


“But...” he began only to be prevented.


“Raziel my patience is not infinite and your bleating is wearing it down very rapidly.” Kain grumbled, moving further into the cave.


“Bleating is for sheep.” Raziel muttered only half wanting his father to hear him.


He watched Kain mutter at the stones about how irritating fledglings were and he smiled. It was not his most pleasant smile –the one he often gave to the mortal woman to lull them into a sense of security- but rather it was his father’s favourite, the smile that spoke of hunger, of sating that hunger and of using his father to do so. Kain glanced at him and rolled his eyes, vampire nature was such a simple thing to predict, especially when the vampire was hungry and aggressive with it.


Raziel wanted blood and an outlet for the aggression that came with a deep bloodlust. A hunt would have satisfied both these wants but sex was not an unpleasant option and would also fill both hungers. Unfortunately he seemed to be more irritating than anything else in his father’s eye at this moment, so that would have to be remedied before this alternative could be fully utilised and Kain would let him sink fang into vein.


“I am no sheep.” Raziel moved closer, Kain simply watched him unimpressed “I am one of the wolves, one of the vampire lieutenants, one of Kain’s children.”


“You do not act like it.” Kain stretched and settled himself down, back against the wall, to wait out the shower. “You act as if you were a child.”


“I am a child.” Raziel smiled “I am your child and I am hungry.” Kain smiled


“You want I should find you a bottle and snap a false nipple on it.” He smirked “I could even rock you while I fed you. Like a mortal woman would her babe.”


“I would like you to feed me.” Raziel settled himself next to Kain, leaning in closer when he was not pushed away, running his nose close to his father’s throat, inhaling blood-scent “the nipple and the bottle I could do without, but the rocking might be nice, if done properly.” He rested his mouth closed against the skin of his father’s throat waiting for permission. He knew that if he simply took then he would be forgiven but this was a pleasant anticipation, to wait until Kain tipped his head back, exposing a vein for easy access.


“Spoilt, petulant bastard child.” Kain breathed when Raziel broke the skin. Raziel smiled against the bite, moving back slightly to lap lazily at the blood as it rose to the surface. He loved feeding this way, slowly, lazily. Knowing he had as much time as he could ever possibly want, there was no struggling, no frantic heart beating blood into his mouth faster than he could swallow it. There was just the slow beat of his father’s heart steadily increasing and the feeling of Kain calm and unresisting.


His father would not push him away.


“I am no bastard.” Raziel smirked, “I know exactly who my father is.”


“A mere technicality.” Kain shivered when a rough tough moved over his throat. “Damn it Raziel if you are going to bite then bite, stop fucking around.” The words were spoken rough and through half clenched teeth.


Raziel’s smile widened, he knew his father liked the bite, liked the harsh pain of teeth in his skin, the clamp of a jaw on his throat nearly cutting off the air, and the sharp pain as his blood was pulled roughly from his veins. It was always fun to torment Kain, to push him with a tender bite, almost gentle and to lap the blood as it spilled freely from him; to deny him what he wanted until he growled and demanded something harder.


Raziel gave in quickly this time. His own bloodlust was demanding aggression from him and screaming at him to feed properly, not in little sips but in great draughts. He bit down hard, hard enough that it would snap small bones in a mortal’s throat; thankfully neither of them was mortal and was made of much tougher stuff. Kain’s breath came out suddenly in one sharp sound and his back arched without his brain telling it to, a reaction to the sudden pain/pleasure mix jolting through his system. The movement nearly threw Raziel but the younger was used to such reactions and loved them. The curse uttered through clenched teeth made Raziel shudder.


The rain was coming down heavier now, although not as heavy as it would come later in the season when it would damage roofs and flood rivers. Raziel was glad the rain had come when it had and offered up silent thanks when claws dug into the leather covering his backside and lifted him up, moved him over and brought him down hard onto his father. He purred when those same claws snapped the lacings on the leather covering his groin and pushed the leather down and away. He helped when the claws stopped and kicked the pants off his legs. He shivered and bit down harder again when the feeling of the leather covering Kain touched his now bare skin. The renewed bite seemed to encourage Kain who moved to try and snap the lacings on his own pants. Something about the rough treatment, the pain mixed with the pleasure always made his father more responsive, it was something Raziel treasured, for few saw him like this. To most he was reserved, if a bit temperamental, they never saw what he was capable of when teeth broke flesh.


Keeping the bite hard and deep he shifted, freeing a hand to aid those of his fathers. The movement caused the bite to tear flesh and Kain made a low and dangerous sound that made Raziel shake. Kain claws abandoned the task at hand and simply held onto his fledgling, breaking the skin on Raziel’s backside where they dug in deep. Raziel however kept to the task at hand and managed to get the leather half way down Kain’s thighs before Kain thrust upward, releasing the grip one of his hands had on Raziel’s backside and using it to take Raziel and himself in hand.


Raziel pulled back from the bite desperately trying to take in air he didn’t really need, only to have Kain snarl at him and release his backside completely and wrench claws into his hair to force his mouth back to the bite. Blood flooded Raziel’s mouth and he bit once again out of reaction, his muscles burned for the air he was not taking, just because he would not suffocate from lack of oxygen did not mean he did not suffer the pain of asphyxiation. His muscles tightened and screamed at him making every nerve in his body burn with the slightest touch, even the movement of air made his whine. He let out a strangled burbling growl as he came mouth still fastened in his father’s throat. The blood, touch and burning sensation too much for his body to ignore.


“You were meant to be hungry.” Kain growled “you spilled most of it.” His hips still moved but slower now, trying to give his child a moment to recover.


“It looks like I tried to tear your throat out.” Raziel managed when he could breathe again, absently he ran claw tips over torn flesh, Kain’s throat was a mess. The touch brought a shiver and a harsher movement of hips, demanding without actually speaking. Raziel smiled, “don’t worry so, I always finish my meals.”


End ficlet


Please Review.

Hope: don't mess with mehopeofdawn on July 13th, 2009 11:15 pm (UTC)
Interesting concept--this Raziel seems fairly young! Of course, if this is only his second evolution, he probably is ....
Katelightindark7 on July 14th, 2009 07:03 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it ^_^
Chalcychalcedonyblue on July 17th, 2009 05:10 am (UTC)
I loved it! Very well written.
Katelightindark7 on July 18th, 2009 01:17 pm (UTC)
Yay thank you!!