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03 February 2009 @ 10:31 pm
Erm... Hullo  
Hi! *pause* I'm so bad at these introduction things. They make me all nervous. o_O Anyway, I've been an avid fan of the series since I played Soul Reaver for the first time 8 years ago, and I enjoy writing fanfiction, although I have never had the confidence to post any of it until recently. I used to hang out on ff.net a lot, so I recognize some people from there that probably don't remember me *waves to Syvia and Light anyway* as it was around 6 years ago. I lurked around here a little while before joining because I wanted to be able to contribute something, and at last I have something to contribute. ^_^

The more I wrote this the more I felt like it was the middle of something bigger, so I'm probably going to write a Raziel/Rahab soap opera that spans it on either side. I originally wrote something similar to this years ago and lost it *cries* so I've rewritten it. It's probably much better this time around. I will be working on more, as well as some Vorador/Janos stuff because... well, because Vorador is the hippest thing since sliced bread. The ending is full of fluffy cheese, but I hope you all like it anyway. ^_^

Sorry for the long-ass intro. On to the vampire sex!

Author: Chalcedony
Characters: Raziel/Rahab
Rating: NC-17 for... sex...
Summary: Raziel hears of the abbey's collapse and, panicking, goes to investigate.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, except for Andrei. He's mine. Eidos and Crystal Dynamics own Raz and Rahab though. I'm just playing with them. I have no money. Please don't sue me.


           A sigh escaped Raziel's lips as he gazed out the window of his bedchamber. The drops of water pelted the glass with such force that it seemed a miracle that the window hadn't shattered.

                Rain. Again.

                It had been raining for two weeks straight now, making it near impossible for Raziel to get anything done. The centuries had strengthened his preternatural hide to the point where rain, even in storms like this one, would not cause him any pain, but his fledglings were not so durable. Even the eldest members of his clan could not withstand weather like this without feeling some discomfort, and so Raziel had found himself rendered momentarily useless. 

                Raziel peered hopefully at the sky and almost laughed out loud. Imagine him, a vampire, hoping for sunlight. There was no sunlight to be seen, however; the sky was bloated with dark, roiling clouds, just as it had been every day for the past fortnight.

                Raziel growled in frustration and turned from the window. He settled into a large chair on the opposite side of the room and pulled a book into his lap. Might as well read, he thought. Gods know there's nothing else to do.

                He had no sooner opened the book when there was a furious knocking at his chamber door. Raziel started, then frowned before closing the book in his hands.

                "Who is it?" he asked.

                "It's me, my lord."

Raziel let himself relax at the sound of his eldest fledgling's voice. "Come in, Andrei," he called in the direction of the door. There was a brief pause and then the sound of the door opening. A moment later the fledgling stood in front of his sire, his long black hair framing his pallid face. His grim countenance managed to look even more bleak than usual, and fear shone in his dark eyes.

Raziel frowned. "Is everything all right?" he asked the fledgling, his voice uncommonly gentle.

Andrei opened his mouth to speak, a look of near pain and obvious horror on his face. "It's- it's the abbey, lord." Raziel, who had turned his attention to the childe's feet in an effort to not make him even more uncomfortable than he already was, looked up at Andrei.

"What?" he demanded more harshly than he'd intended. Rahab. Gods, let him be okay.

Andrei bit his lip. "I think you should come with me," he said.


Raziel followed the fledgling out of his chambers and down the hall. "What has happened to the abbey, exactly?" Raziel asked, his voice laced with trepidation.

Andrei hesitated. "The heavy rainfall must have put a lot of pressure on the roof," he said at last. The abbey never had been very structurally sound. Raziel felt a gnawing fear growing in the pit of his stomach. Andrei's words seemed to lead to a conclusion that he wasn't ready to accept.

Raziel paused as Andrei pulled open a wrought iron door, holding it open for his lord. Raziel's heart went out to his fledgling as he saw the young vampire wince against the pelting rain. Although Andrei was old enough that rain would not hurt him that much, it still clearly caused the fledgling some discomfort. Raziel hurried his stride as he passed through the door, moving so that his childe could get into the roofed area of the castle.

Andrei carefully closed the door behind them before taking Raziel around the corner and down the steps leading to the tunnel. When they reached the long corridor, Raziel had to fight the urge to run to the tunnel; to see for himself what fate had befallen the abbey and his brother Rahab. Instead he sunk sharp fangs into the underside of his lip to compose himself and stayed close to Andrei, determined to not betray the fear that he felt to his childe.

When they neared the tunnel, Andrei stood back, allowing his lord to approach the entrance himself. Raziel was relieved; if it was as bad as he was being led to believe, then Andrei wouldn't be able to see his reaction.

Or so he thought.

Andrei's talk of the pressure from the rain had given Raziel an idea of what to expect. Still, the reality was enough to send him reeling. He fell to his knees before he knew what was happening, never taking his eyes from the tunnel. Water—deep, blue and smelling of rain—lapped at the stairs leading down into the tunnel that led from the Razielim clan holdings to the abbey. It broke on the stairs in little crests, and Raziel felt a chill rise off of it.

"Gods," Raziel breathed. He clutched his stomach as a sudden wave of nausea rolled over him. He fought it back; he had already shown enough weakness in front of Andrei without becoming sick. A sense of vertigo overcame him as he watched the water, making him feel almost as if he was about to fall into it.

"My lord?" Andrei's question shook Raziel from his hallucination. The fledgling's voice came from behind him. He had kept his distance. "What would you have me do?"

Raziel shuddered and broke his gaze. "Send some scouts to the abbey. I need to know that Rahab and his clan are all right." Rahab. The nausea rushed over him again. His brother, his younger brother, his favorite brother. And sometimes more.

Another wave washed over him, this one made of memories. Memories of Rahab, curled up in a chair with a book, not unlike he had been earlier, his glasses resting on his aquiline nose. Rahab, and the shocked look on his face when Raziel closed the book he was reading and pressed their lips together and the sigh he made as he opened his mouth to let Raziel deepen the kiss. Rahab, splayed out underneath him on rumpled bedsheets, writhing under his touch.

"Lord?" Andrei's voice was faint in the swirl of Raziel's memories.

"Hmm?" Raziel acknowledged him.

Andrei hesitated again, as if questioning his place. "I asked if you were all right," he said at last. The water lapped lazily against the cold stone. And Rahab's slender legs were wrapped around him and the taste of Rahab's blood was on his lips, the sweet spice of vampiric blood mixed with a something that tasted distinctly of Rahab, of musty books and knowledge.

"I'll be fine," Raziel managed. He heard Andrei turn to leave. "Wait," he called. Was that movement in the water?

Something pale bobbed and dipped under the surface of the water, swimming through the tunnel from the abbey. Raziel felt fear nearly overcome him for the second time that day as the object drew nearer.

"Sir?" Andrei ventured from somewhere behind him.

"Something in the water," Raziel murmured, frightened but too mesmerized to move. The creature swam near to the surface of the water and up to the edge. After a moment's hesitation, it drew up.

Raziel clambered backwards as the thing broke the surface of the water, splashing him with cold wet. He heard Andrei draw his sword behind him and he drew his arm up to cover his eyes from the splash before thinking better of it and pulling it down again. A pale, white figure had burst forth from the water, the spray coming off of it in an arc. It fell back into the water and submerged again before resurfacing, less violently this time, in front of Raziel.

Raziel's claws gripped the stone underneath him. The creature brought pale hands up to wipe the water out of its face, then blinked to reveal azure eyes.


 Raziel relaxed slightly, leaning forward just a bit. "Rahab?" Rahab's face split into a grin, fangs flashing. Now that he was closer, Raziel could see the faintest tinge of blue in his brother's skin. He was holding himself up in the water on the steps down to the tunnel, long black hair pooled out around him.

                He looked thrilled.

                "What do you think?" Rahab asked Raziel. Raziel stared, in awe of his younger brother. A vampire adapted to water? Rahab had grown able to touch water without pain and had even developed what appeared to be gills over time, but to submerge himself completely? If Raziel had not seen it himself, he would not have believed it was possible.

                "How…?" Raziel struggled with his words as his eyes took in the sight before him. Rahab grinned, looking infinitely pleased with himself. "The abbey-"

                "Oh, yes. The abbey gave way shortly after my children and I awoke from our latest transformation. Just in time, too." Rahab winked at his brother.

                "My lord Rahab," Andrei's voice interrupted them. "Your clan?"

                "Fine. All fine." The vampire gave the Razielim fledgling a reassuring smile. "Thank you for your concern, however." Rahab turned his attention back to Raziel. "I'm sorry I waited so long to show you, but I had to make sure that my children had finished their evolution before the abbey gave way. Not that I would have been able to do much if it had happened while they were hibernating."

                Raziel's gaze roamed Rahab's body while his younger brother talked. Pale skin like alabaster was tinged with faint blue, and the vicious slits where gills were forming on his neck were becoming more defined. Besides that, and the unbelievable fact that Rahab had indeed become resistant to water enough to swim in it, there was no visible difference in him that Raziel could see while he was up to his chest in water.

                "Can you come out?" Raziel asked, his brow furrowing in concern. He wanted to see Rahab transformed and to touch him. Although Raziel was not immune to the touch of water, the damp from Rahab's skin would not kill him as long as he was not engulfed in it. Raziel could almost feel the burns forming on his hands and lips as they roamed Rahab's slick body. Oh, Gods…

  "I can," Rahab answered him. "It is not yet necessary for me to stay in the water at all times. Yet…" he gestured downwards with his eyes, and it was then that Raziel realized that Rahab was completely naked.

He swore mentally. Tackling his brother while he was submerged in water would be very unbecoming, not to mention suicide.

"Andrei," Raziel called over his shoulder, his eyes never leaving the deep blue azure of Rahab's. "Bring Rahab some clothes, please."

"A towel will be fine," Rahab corrected him softly. Raziel could hear Andrei's feet as he turned to leave, but his eyes stayed on Rahab, who glanced away only as Andrei left. No sooner had the Razielim's footsteps faded into the distance than Rahab was out of the water with Raziel pinned underneath him in a feverish kiss. Raziel reeled, running his hands desperately over Rahab's wet body, the water burning and singing him wherever he touched. Exquisite pain raced down his spine as Rahab sank down onto his chest. Raziel gasped at the pain, giving Rahab the opening he had been looking for, and Raziel moaned as Rahab's tongue slid into his mouth.

Raziel whimpered into Rahab's mouth as their tongues fought for dominance. His head spun at the feel of Rahab's strong buttocks and the weight of his brother's body on his groin. Then Rahab broke the kiss, pressing his lips firmly to Raziel's one more time, before sinking back into the water in front of him. Raziel sat up quickly and did his best to compose himself as Andrei's footsteps came back into the room.

"A towel, Lord Rahab," Andrei said, setting a soft blue towel down beside the edge of the water. Rahab nodded at him and Raziel, whose gaze never left the floor in front of him, heard the fledgling leave. There were red blotches all over Raziel's arms and chest from the water. He knew that Andrei saw them, and he also knew that Andrei would never ask how he got them. He lifted his gaze as Rahab stood up and walked out of the water, the cold liquid pouring off his skin and pooling under his feet. His skin was flawless; no burn marks at all. Amazing.

Raziel watched with longing as his brother dried off before wrapping the towel around his slender waist. Rahab lifted his hands to his long hair and wrung the excess water out on the ground beneath him. "Ready?" he asked Kain's eldest.

Raziel swallowed hard before standing up. He wanted to throw Rahab against the wall and take him right then and there, but that would not be wise. He would wait until they were safely within his bedchamber and hidden from the rest of his clan. Rahab was already naked except for the towel (the towel which was as resistant to staying onto Rahab's thin hips as Raziel was to water); they were all ready halfway there.

Raziel walked alongside his younger brother as they made their way to his chambers. Rahab hissed and instinctively pulled his arms up to his head when they entered the part of the castle that was open sky, and Raziel frowned and walked faster to keep up with him. The rain did not bother the younger vampire at all, but the light of day caused him even more pain than it had before—the sun was nowhere to be seen and still Rahab shied from it.

Raziel opened the door to his chambers quickly and gestured for Rahab to go inside. He paused to talk to the Razielim guarding the door. "My brother Rahab has just undergone his latest transformation and we wish to be left alone while I look him over," Raziel instructed. The young vampire nodded, her eyes large. "Thank you."

Raziel entered his chamber where Rahab was sitting in the chair that he had inhabited earlier that day.

"A book, Raziel?" Rahab asked him with a smirk, gesturing with a nod at the book on the end table. "I never would have thought it of you."

"Hush," Raziel said irritably. "And take off that towel. I want to see you." Rahab didn't stop smiling but stood and dropped the towel around his waist to his feet. Raziel inhaled sharply; he had seen Rahab naked more times than he could count but still… Blood rushed to his groin and he felt himself growing hard. "You kissed me," he said, his voice accusing. "You jumped me and kissed me knowing you would hurt me."

"How could I not when you were all but fucking me with your eyes?" Rahab's comeback was instantaneous. Raziel frowned. Such vulgarity sounded wrong coming from one as cultured as Rahab. Kain's fourth born was stalking towards Raziel, his blue eyes narrowed and looking as much of a predator as ever, despite his nakedness. He drew near to Raziel, his talons on Raziel's chest and his breath tickling Raziel's ear.

"This is all too unfair," Rahab hissed. "I'm completely naked, while you're still fully clothed." Raziel felt a smile tug at his lips, then a moan as fangs nipped at his ear. He allowed Rahab to undress him until he was in the same condition as his brother. Raziel ran one hand over Rahab's arm and put the other in the small of his back to anchor him as he kissed him, biting at his lip enough to draw blood. There was still the distinct taste that was unique to Rahab, but it was tinged with something else. A taste of the sea and the deep, of places and sights Raziel would never be privy to. Rahab whimpered into Raziel's mouth; he always was so submissive. Raziel felt Rahab's body tense as his talons gripped his arms and threw him against the wall with a force that would have hurt him had he not been nearly Raziel's equal.

Rahab let out a snarl but was unable to do much else under Raziel's sudden weight pinning to the wall and the hardness of Raziel's cock digging into his thigh. His growls turned to whimpers as Raziel grinded his cock against him and he tilted his head back as his older brother kissed him. Raziel smiled at Rahab's obvious submission and shifted his weight so that their cocks grinded together. Rahab gasped into Raziel's mouth, and Raziel had to fight to keep from doing the same against the sudden friction.

No. I will be in control here. I will see to that.

His lips left Rahab's then and traveled to the younger vampire's neck. Raziel flicked his tongue along the deep slit gills that were formed there, causing Rahab to yelp in pleasure and arch against him. Raziel leaned over to the bedside table, holding Rahab's body to him with one hand and grasping a small bottle of lube with the other. Rahab's body quivered violently as he continued to grind on Raziel, his balls brushing the older vampire's. Raziel bathed his talons in lube as Rahab's precum leaked onto his belly, making his breath quicken. Gods! He is beautiful.

Rahab spread his legs, seemingly trying to brace himself as Raziel's talons reached behind him. One sharp talon brushed across Rahab's opening and he started, his thighs shaking fiercely as his cock pressed further into Raziel's stomach. This is not going to work, Raziel thought as Rahab squirmed against him. He dropped down a little and reached his unlubed hand around to firmly grip Rahab's ass before lifting him up. Rahab's eyes met his through thick veils of lust, flashed in understanding, and slender legs wrapped around Raziel's waist. Raziel backed Rahab up against the wall again, this time with easier access to the younger vampire's opening. Raziel slid a single talon inside, watched in pleasure as Rahab panted in ecstasy. Raziel continued to prepare Rahab gently, fighting to keep control despite the soft velvet feel of Rahab's balls against his cock, Rahab's cock on his stomach. After a few more moments, Raziel replaced his talon with his own throbbing cock, pressing firmly against the muscle at Rahab's prepared entrance.

                Rahab's eyes opened wide and met those of his older brother as Raziel entered him. Normally so intelligent, no sign of reason existed in them now-- just sheer primal want. Rahab threw his head back and hissed as he lowered himself onto Raziel until he was completely filled. Heat enveloped Raziel's cock. He had to still himself for a moment to keep from tearing into the younger vampire and causing him immense pain. After giving Rahab a moment to adjust, Raziel started to move, thrusting his aching cock in and out of sweet velvet heat. His mind reeled as Rahab's hard shaft, now dripping with precum, moved with slick wetness against his belly in time with his thrusts. Raziel's cockhead glided over that bundle of nerves inside of Rahab, making his brother roar in pleasure. Raziel felt Rahab's thighs tighten around his middle as he thrust, burying himself in Rahab and hitting that spot over and over again. Rahab's head lolled to the side and he made small mewling sounds as he was impaled, and Raziel grabbed hold of his cock as he took him, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

                It didn't take long for Rahab to come—he let out a hoarse scream before sinking his fangs into Raziel's throat and spilling his hot seed onto Raziel's chest and stomach. Raziel clutched Rahab hard against him, letting him feed as he rode out his orgasm. His own climax came shortly after; the heat of Rahab's come mixed with the heat pulsating in spasms around his cock was overpowering. Raziel growled as he came and Rahab sighed against his neck as his brother's warmth filled him. Raziel collapsed against him, pressing Rahab to the wall while he caught his breath. After a moment, he walked to the bed and gently lay Rahab on it, pulling out as he did so. He lay down next to him, brushing sweat soaked hair out of Rahab's face.

                "Gods," Raziel whispered. He leaned over to press his lips to Rahab's again, caressing Rahab's tongue with his own. The younger vampire sighed into the kiss before breaking it and looking at his brother gravely.

                "I really must go," Rahab said. "I must make sure my children are all right." He smiled. "I do not want them to get too carried away in my absence."

                Raziel purred and kissed along Rahab's jawline before voicing the question that he knew would keep Rahab coming back to him. "Why not stay a while? It is not long until dark, and then the light outside will not hurt you."

                Rahab studied him in the candlelight as if trying to decide whether or not he was being led on. "All right," he said at last as he leaned over to lick at the wound he had made on Raziel's neck. Raziel smiled; he didn't mind that Rahab fed from him during their coupling—it allowed him a sense of power that he rarely felt among his older brethren.

                Rahab's eyelashes fluttered in the dim light and he closed his eyes. Raziel kissed his brother's forehead before nestling down next to him on the large bed. He didn't sleep, however; he watched Rahab instead, thinking of the way he had leapt from the water in an arc, how the moisture had glistened on his body making something that should have been horrifying beautiful.

                Rahab had never exactly fit in with his brothers. Now he would be even more ostracized, more alone, his home a death trap. Still, Rahab had looked more confident, happy and at home in the water than ever before, and Raziel knew that as long as the tunnel was accessible to at least one of them, Rahab would never be truly alone.


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